The company.

Global Pavimenti has been a successful business for 40 years.Our expertise and specialistic knowledge have made our company well known both in Italy and abroad.The company core business is making flooring for commercial and industrial buildings.

Our Story.

Our company has been evolving since the early 80’s when the first modern supermarkets were set up. The requirements of food supply on the mass scale changed and the generation that led the company before us was able to meet them properly.

The eighties marked a fundamental moment, even at Global Pavimenti, for the development of ceramics and binding agents able to meet the pressing requests of the emerging large distribution. From supermarkets to shopping center, it was a short step and, year after year, we have increased our clients more and more.

Consequently, new market segments have been acquired and we have made flooring for agro-food companies, car dealers, hotels and Spa and wellness centers. And now here we are.

Global Pavimentiin the world.

We like being challenged and we trust our skills; therefore, we have been confident enough to export our work all over the world and we have been appreciated more and more by international clients as well.

Points of strength.

One of the key factor that has contributed to our success is the great technical capability of our staff that is comprised of professionals we have selected over the years and who are able to meet both the customer’s needs and work schedule.



Every piece of our work complies the technical regulations and good practice in force in the country where we are working at that moment.For example, the following are a few of the regulations Global Pavimenti usually complies with:

  • UNI EN 13318, Screeds and screed materials – Definitions.
  • UNI EN 13813, Screeds and screed materials – Screed Materials – Properties and requirements.
  • UNI EN 13139, Mortar aggregates.
  • UNI EN 197-1, Cement – Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria of common cements.
  • UNI EN 206-1, Concrete - Part 1: specification, performance, production and conformity.
  • UNI EN 1008, Mixing water for concrete – Specification for sampling, testing and assessing the suitability of water including water recovered from processes in the concrete industry such as mixing water for concrete.
  • UNI EN 264-4, Integrated radiant systems fed by water for heating and cooling structures – Part 4: Installation.
  • UNI 10329, Laying flooring coats. Measurement of the moisture content in the cement support layers or similar.
  • UNI 10827, Screeds – Wooden coats for floors – Determination of mechanical resistance of layer-parallel stresses.
  • UNI 11371, Wooden floor screeds and wooden floor – Properties and performance characteristics.
  • UNI EN 13454-1, Binders, composite binders and factory made mixtures for screeds based on calcium sulfate – Part 1: Definitions and requirements.
  • UNI EN 933, Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates.
  • UNI EN 13892-1, Testing methods of screed materials – Part 1: Sampling, packaging and curing of specimens.
  • UNI EN 13892-2, Test methods of screed materials – Part 2: Determination of flexural and compressive strength.
  • UNI 11493 – Ceramic floor and wall tiling – Design, installation and maintenance instructions.
  • UNI 11515-1, Resilient and laminate floor coverings – Part 1: Design, laying and maintenance instructions.
  • UNI 11322, Stone floor coverings. Design, laying and maintenance instructions.