The solutions proposed by our team are the result of a combination of experience and innovation as well as constant updating. The commercial relations of Global Pavimenti with several world-class manufacturers of bonding agents and accessories for floors and industrial surfaces show that our company is constantly informed about the most innovative technologies currently available in the market. The following are a few innovative solutions able to solve some critical problems of floorings and industrial surfaces.

Floor desolidarisation.

To avoid the transmission of tensions in the different layers of the floor, we often use a patented sheath between the layers; the sheath absorbs tensions without discharging them onto the floor.

Restoration of existing flooring with wire-fabric reinforcement.

We are often called for working on existing floors that suffer from superficial cracks despite the support still being integral.
In these cases, we don’t demolish and do the flooring again, but instead we integrate a galvanized steel mesh in the bonding agent to increase the rigidity of the walking surface.

Restoration of existing floors using epoxy resins.

If the ceramic tiling or concrete flooring is superficially damaged, we use epoxy resins which tend to “weld” cracks and, at the same time, compact the walking surface.

Restoration of existing flooring by LVT system.

The LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) floorings are used to restore damaged walking surfaces because they reduce the laying time and don’t involve additional costs caused by the demolition of the existing ceramic surface.

Special floors for agro-food sector.

Agro-food companies are forced to clean and sanitize their buildings daily to guarantee proper hygiene and health standards but that is very challenging for floors and their fillings.
In these cases, we treat the floors with epoxy resin-based products that are resistant both to high temperatures and disinfectants used to eliminate bacteria.

Special joints between floors and walls.

Both the walls and the floors of pharmaceutical and agro-food companies, as well as supermarkets and swimming-pools, must be cleaned daily to guarantee the proper hygiene standards. In those cases, we usually use curved joints to be positioned at the points where the walls and the floors join. The curved joints form a bend that favors the drainage of impurities.