21 July 2020In Techniques

40th anniversary

Global is now 40 years old: the company, formed in 1980 by Ernido Visentin, was founded with the intention of becoming one of the first Italian companies highly specialised in the field of ceramic tile laying on large surfaces.

Pursuing that ambition, the current owner of Global, Massimo Visentin, has successfully continued his father’s ambitions, allowing the company to become internationally renowned thanks to conquering increasingly varied market segments.

As he explains, “Forty years of work is a long path. At the same time, it has helped us understand that there is still much to be done. So, we are happy, but we don’t have time to stand around and congratulate each other. This anniversary is, above all, an opportunity to keep a clear perspective. We are celebrating Global, the first-born company. And for me this means that we were absolutely right. The future lay in integrated building services provided by professional craftsmen, custodians of ancient and unrivalled skills. Now, we are no longer just Padua-based installers, but a well-established company with a brand synonymous with reliability and expertise. We have entered synergistic sectors such as catering, schools, residential care homes, hotels and restaurants. Moreover, we have successfully consolidated our traditional markets, such as the large-scale retail trade and the automotive industry, making us a benchmark supplier in Italy and abroad.